Our physical shop is not currently open except by arrangement, but we can still supply beer!
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Our beer is available for consumption in your own home and for parties and events in take home bottles and casks.  Take out’s are available in 330ml bottles, 2.5 litre (c.4.5 pints) and 5 litre (c. 9 pints) mini-casks and reusable containers. 

For parties and events we can offer beer in “bag-in-box” of 10 litres (c.17.5 pints) and 20 litres (c.35+ pints). For larger gatherings we can supply 72 pint firkins along with taps and everything you need.

Gift Vouchers are available in £10.00 denominations and are redeemable inside the brewery and also for tours and gift packs.

Price List:
Bottled Beer 330cl bottle – £2.50
Gift Pack (3 x 330ml bottle) – £10.00
Gift Pack (2 x 330ml bottle & Glass) – £12.00
2.5L (c. 4.5 pints) Take Out container from £13.00
5L (c. 9 pints) Polypin/Bag in box – Call for pricing
10L (c.17.5 pints) Polypin/Bag in box – Call for pricing
Cask (1 x Firkin 72 pints) – Call for pricing
Stratton Lane Pint Glasses – £5.00
Gift Vouchers – £10.00 denominations.
Brewery Tours – £20.00 per person.

A minimum of 48 hours notice is required for all take-out beer in volume. Availability and volume of stock varies throughout the year, so please call Barnaby on 07990 528790 who will be happy to advise and recommend the best solution for your requirements.